A successful PR campaign can yield incredible results and get your brand in front of your target audience. Strategy often combines multiple products or services including traditional PR such as media releases, alongside social media management and digital marketing. Utilising these different elements and running them in tandem with each other often delivers the best results but how we measure the success of any campaign is crucial for our clients.

Clients want to know what their return on investment is when enlisting our services, and we use some key metrics to measure the success of PR.

Increase Brand Awareness

The main goalpost for any marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness through visibility. In other words, we need to get you out there, in front of people that will turn into customers.

Brand management is a fundamental pillar of public relations and one of the main reasons that clients come to us. Whether you’re launching a new concept and want to propel it into the spotlight, or you’re giving your services a revamp and want to attract a new audience – PR could be the answer.

Drive Traffic to your Website

As a result of PR and social media campaigns, we want to drive traffic to your website. This is something that can be measured relatively easily and can be a useful KPI to see if your campaign is delivering. You can see exactly where your click-throughs are coming from and alongside that, social media analytics will tell you which posts are converting users into potential customers.  

Support SEO

Here’s a question. When you enter your brand into a search engine, what do the results look like? What you want to see is positive news and reviews ranking highly. Our blog post on ‘How PR adds SEO Value’ is an interesting read if you want to delve a little deeper into this particular subject.

Increase Enquiries and Sales

Measuring the success of a PR campaign isn’t always black and white however – sometimes the most powerful payoff is the way that it builds trust between your service and your customer. If you’re seeing an increase in enquiries and sales following a PR campaign, it’s no coincidence.

Whatever your goals and objectives, we can work with you to create a PR and digital marketing strategy that delivers. Get in touch to see how we can help.