Running a business, whatever the trade or industry, isn’t for the faint of heart. While you’re busy dealing with hiring staff, rotas, stock orders, building, financial paperwork, the list is endless, and somewhere in the mix, comes promotion.
Social media marketing is now seen as one of the main ways to promote your brand and working with agencies like us can help to lighten the load. We know that no one understands your business better than you and we quickly find our clients’ tone of voice, which is essential to set the tone of the content your customers see on the internet.

But there are some things that you and/or your team can do to start making a difference internally.

Here are our top tips on how to improve your social media marketing content:

  1. Take regular images and video of you services or products

Social media is all about the visuals and so regular updates featuring bright, clear and engaging photos is the best and easiest way to get customers to interact with your brand. If you’re plating up a delicious meal, pouring a tantalizing cocktail, boxing up a brand new product or revealing a new store front or layout, get creative and snap it from every possible angle.

The same goes for video footage. Handy tip: Always film in landscape (turn your phone sideways) and save your ‘work’ images and footage in a separate folder. Make sure you move your phone very slowly as you want customers to take in the whole shot. While boomerangs and fun effects work well on Instagram stories, a good, well focussed video which is slow enough for people to follow – is a winner.

  1. Add your social media handles to your printed media

If your brand creates printed media, (i.e. menus, napkins, info cards, thank you and delivery notes) make sure you print your social media handles (eg @WeArePink) on them to encourage customers to engage with your brand.

If a customer takes a fantastic photo of the meal you just served, or the cocktail they’re enjoying or the custom product they just received, they’re likely to share it. Give them instant access to your brand social media by picking up the menu, turning over the napkin or glancing at the delivery note. Free advertising, happy customers, honest, authentic reviews. 

  1. Introduce your staff

Everyone loves to be in the know about the latest brand, product or service. Connecting with customers by sharing more than just your ‘shopfront’ is a great way to build loyalty and engagement. Highlighting your staff on social media puts a face to the voice on the booking line, behind the email queries or social media DMs. Sharing a quirky fact or favourite item off the menu or new season product top picks, adds another dimension so your customer base feels like they know your staff already.

As an added bonus, introducing your staff also shows your investment in your workforce. They’re not just payroll numbers, they’re amazingly talented, committed, skilled, passionate people – show them off!

  1. Inject a little humour

Does your brand have an A-board? A billboard, a window display or physical space where you can share a message, anecdote or even a joke?

We’ve all seen those quirky A-board or A-frame messages that give us a little chuckle – Today’s soup… We love Fridays like Kanye loves Kanye and Trust me, I can dance – Vodka. They’re hardly ground breaking, but they’re fun and alongside sharing your literary wit, people passing will do too.

As above, make sure your social media handle is also chalked in plain view. 

  1. Ask The Audience

Carrying out market research is so much easier in the digital age. Taking inspiration from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, why not ask the audience? Polls, ‘this or that’ and ‘ask us a question’ formats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a great way to get customers engaging with your brand.

The types of questions you ask can be whatever suits your purpose. Respond to trends, seasonal changes, national calendar dates and brand anniversaries/birthdays and ask your customers for their opinion.

A coffee shop might ask: Is it ever too early for Pumpkin Spice? This could help to launch an Autumn/Winter blend.
A restaurant might line up this or that, and ask customers to choose between two dishes to gauge popularity before adjusting or changing a menu
A hairdresser might ask, which shade is your favourite?
A solicitor might ask, what would improve our service for you?
A florist might ask its customer to choose from different bouquets or arrangements in a this or that format.
A construction company might run a poll to test what people know about a certain service or product they offer.

Using social media to boost your business revenue doesn’t have to be complicated.

Working with your PR agency to capture the best content for your brand, product or service is a sure fire way to engage customers on your social media platforms. Let us know how these tips worked for you, find us on Instagram @WeArePink