About The Client

Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors are a North West legal firm providing a range of services including Conveyancing, Family and Criminal Law and Wills and Probate. 

Nearing 200 years in business in 2021, the firm approached us in 2018 as they looked to transform and modernise their overall brand and their offering. 

What did they want to achieve? The campaign set out to raise the profile of the firm across the region, and nationally, through a combination of services. We really are an in-house marketing team.


What We’ve Done

We worked with Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors to inject new life and excitement into its traditional brand, bringing it firmly into the modern age. 

The team enlisted our help to create a new look and change public perception that worked in line with their modern approach. 

Within what is considered a traditional sector, Bell Lamb & Joynson are making waves with their pioneering use of technology, from their own branded app to state-of-the-art systems, and it was imperative that their new look conveyed this forward-thinking and innovative style of working, something that their previous branding lacked. 

Through research of the market and exploring company values, we were able to work with members of the team and trusted graphic designers to create a new logo and concept that really captured the business and its identity. This is now widely recognisable across the North West and the BLJ Solicitors logo has appeared on marketing collateral and even on city centre digital billboards, all of which we’ve written and designed. 

Results at a glance

  • Over 50 pieces of coverage achieved in just 12 months including print, online and radio.
  • Shortlisted in six awards and two award wins.
  • One city centre billboard. 
  • 40% company growth in 18 months.